NFS Client mount question

Hi - I’ve been very impressed with Dietpi and worked my way through the easy-to-use config adding nfs-client software and an NFS mount. In the nfs mounting configuration I’m only asked for an server, not a server mount point. fstab is then updated with an entry like
server:/ /mnt/nfs_client

This seems to only allow a mount of a / from the server, rather than a general mount point of something like /mnt/backups
I edited the fstab just fine and I can mount and use the point I’m after, but is this safe/the done thing to do or should the gui allow a server mount point (and possible a client mount point on the dietpi box) to be specified?

I’m fine either way and I backed up the unit using my modified fstab and it worked OK, but I am curious to know the best practise approach.