Nextcloud webinterface on lighttpd


I try to understand how can I activate the nextcloud webinterface on lighttpd, but still did not understand it.
Can somebody help with that?


Nextcloud is a web servers application and requires a web server by design. It is not needed to activate something. During installation, you should be ask which web server to choose, if not already one is present.

Or do you try to install NC manually?

thanks, I know, that nexcloud is a web servers application. I installed nexcloud via dietpi-software, choose lighttpd because of my Odroid N2 (for better performance) and see no nexcloud interface but the placeholder page of lighttpd. So I thought, that I must hack lighttpd manually to connect it to the nextcloud intallation. Although I wonder, why is that not done automatically by dietpi-software.
You need to add /nextcloud to your address, nextcloud is not installed in the web root.


nice to know :smiley: thanks!

Is there some standard login data for I did not make any accounts, but should login?
Normally there should be the setting page, but there is just login.