Nextcloud Nginx Broken Configuration


i have the following problem, that my Nginx Configuration broke.
Silly me forgot to make a backup of the configuration file and now cant revert it.
The files i need are below etc/nginx/sites-dietpi/dietpi-nextcloud.conf

First i broke the dietpi-dav_redirect as the redirect / auto discover for the Thunderbird Calendar-Sync did not work.
Unfortunately i went on and crashed the nextcloud.conf in the next phase by “adding the entries from the old one into the new one”.
Major ScrewUp i would consider this.

Can somebody point me out to the “area” where i can get those files again?




many thanks for your report. dietpi-nextcloud.conf can be downloaded as follow

wget -O 114.conf
mv 114.conf /etc/nginx/sites-dietpi/dietpi-nextcloud.conf