Nextcloud database tables access

I have had some problems with the brute force attempt app. I would like to ask how can access/view/edit the files located in
/mnt/dietpi_userdata/mysql/nextcloud with having frm and ibd extensions.
thank you

You can install phpmyadmin for easy “visualized” access to the database.
Or you just use mysql command, login as root and make your queries.
mysql -u root

use nextcloud;
show tables;

And then make your queries there.

Thank you very much! I have learned again something new.

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I have managed to access tables. Could update the oc_accounts_data for example to change address. However it is not shown on Nextcloud GUI. What i change on GUI shows up only in oc_accounts table (withou_data), but this table i can not update and by the select statement it gives a kind of text file appearance. How do i proceed to achieve changes ?

maybe something to ask in NC forum. Not sure if NC allows table entries directly on database level.

What address? Address of a user or the domain to your instance?
Addresses of users can easily be changed in the admin panel.
If your domain changed you can add it to 'trusted_domains' in the config.php.

Yes i know the admin panel way. What my question concerns is the oc_accounts and oc_accounts_data tables in the database of nextcloud.
If i change any value in the oc_accounts_data table it does not show up on the admin panel. If i change anything on the admin panel it shows up only in the oc_accounts table. However using the mysql - u root command, i am not able to edit the oc_accounts table, only the oc_accounts_data table.

As said, this is quite NC specific. Better to ask on NC forum.

Thank you, i will. Just reacted for the kind message of Jappe.
Thanks again