NextCloud | Certificate is self-signed and not approved

I have a problem with the certificate. :question:

it is impossible to connect securely to
The host name did not match any of the valid hosts for this certificate
Certificate is self-signed and not approved
with DietPi certificate
Organization: > Organization
Unit: > Unit
Country: >
Footprint (MD5): fb: 88:39:1d: 7a: 38:9e: c1: be: 19:5d: 19:59: e1: bc: 90

Validity start date: Mar. Feb. 13 05:23:07 2018 GMT
Expiry date: Fri. Feb. 11 05:23:07 2028 GMT
Transmitter: DietPi


Thanks for the report. Not one i’ve seen previously.

Roughly where did this message show up in DietPi? (eg: installed software X, then it appears every boot).

Next Cloud Software for Windows


Using LAN IP on same network or external IP/URL as server address?

With my external IP address https://78.235..*/nextcloud

Ah ok,

To remove the warning, you’ll need to configure a verified SSL certificate for the web server. CertBot can be used for this I believe with NC:

Everything came in the order :slight_smile: