Nexctloud Talk

Jep, Talk working here on DietPi v6.8 within LAN and though www via TURN server.

Did Talk (Spreed video calls or Spreed.ME) work for you before, or is this the first time you are trying it?

In case first of all of course test your clients for WebRTC compatibility:
Check if you see your own video on both clients before trying to start a call.
The question is then when and how the connection does not work and if you can find any error messages on Nextcloud log, webserver, PHP or browser console.

I’m not sure why my posts were removed leaving only your reply. I don’t think lighttpd agrees with me so I decided to switch to nginx, there was a setting in a lighttpd conf file that limited header size, I think that was stopping Talk from working.

Everything is running great now with nginx, Talk works in the LAN and also LAN to a mobile network.

Thanks for your reply.

Thanks for the info. I will check Lighttpd according this myself. In case on Nextcloud installation we have to adjust the setting.

Hmm, no idea why your post was removed, will check. Recently we have a massive spam/bot/advertising harass, might be related to that. In case I am very sorry in advance, as you should be clearly not affected by this.