New member thanks

Hi all,
I just downloaded DietPi so i could set up a simple file server and just wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped develop this.
This is BY FAR the easiest setup and config i have ever experienced.
I have managed to burn the image and configure an NFS in less than 20 mins.
I am totally amazed! i would love to get more info on the Cloudshell options as i would love to have a display to show the network usage and drive space / ip address ect on an lcd display.


Now that you have it setup…build you a simple virtual box or another pi…and play with it and learn the in’s and out of Linux…

Easy setup is ok, but if you ever need to “tweak” something without knowing how to pick thru the directories and list the config files and what other commands do it will make things harder for you.

Biggest thing I learned while learning Linux…Google is your friend

Thanks for the reply, Loving it so far, Reprogrammed the LED to heartbeat when booted to Kernal,
NFS configured and working to serve media to my Pi running Librelec

So i had some issues with nfs and had to resort to Samba due to file permissions. I couldnt quite work out how to grant the permissions to all users. Still even with Samba it runs quite smoothly.