Netdata does not work

Hi Joulinar,
I’m pretty sure it was
I will confirm tomorrow when I’m back at that machine.

That would be the old Stretch image. If you have time you could try out the new buster image.

Confirming it was DietPi_OdroidXU4-ARMv7-Stretch
I guess I chose it as ‘stable’ over ‘beta’.
Are you saying the beta is stable? Why is it still beta?

yep should be working. It’s created back in Feb 2020 already.

If you would have issues, you could report them on this GitHub post

At least it would be good if you could try it out to get some feedback on how the image is behaving. I did not find real error reports for it. That could mean, nobody is using it or it’s working quite fine :wink: Therefore feedback would be appreciated.

This means starting to build up my server again - but i’m not too far down the path as i’m trying to do it really properly this time (which is why i came to Dietpi).
So I will try it out…

much appretierend the effort you will take trying the new image. In any case, feedback would be helpful.