Need Help enabling DSI on Pine64 running DietPi

Hello, I am trying to use a DSI Display with my SoQuartz. Its a BTT PI TFT50 V2.0 from big tree tech.

The Carrier board is a BTT Manta E3EZ. GitHub - bigtreetech/Manta-E3EZ

I am fairly new to linux, so I am not sure where to start. Any feedback or tips is greatly appreciated.

They have a documentation online which would be a good starting point:
They also provide firmware for the touch feature and overlay for the display itself:

NIce. Thank you. I figured that was RPI compatible only. but ill give it a try

I was reading through those linked docs and it didnt have anything on installing the DSI display driver for ther rockchip chip onboard the SoQuartz. I think all i need to do is install the DSI display driver for the board, but i am not sure where that is located. I did some digging and found this file in the linux github.