Native DSD support (General question)


I own a Rotel RC-1590 preamp with a built-in DAC. This DAC is AKM based, I think it has an AK4495 chip. A few months ago, I run DietPi on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and either RoonBridge or Signalyst NAA (networkaudiod). With this setup I could play DSD, actually DSD128, by means of DoP but not native DSD. It worked fine but the change from PCM to DoP at the beginning and from DoP to PCM at the ending of playing made awful clicks and pops.

A fews weeks ago, I purchased an Allo USBridge, Sparky based and running DietPi, and I then noticed that I suddenly could play native DSD. So my question is: Who did make it possible? Allo? DietPi?

I think that the USBridge runs an Allo modified DietPi. If I load the “original” DietPi on the USBridge instead of “Allo modified” one, would I keep playing native DSD?

If I use another device with DietPi, to whom should I request native DSD support?


We would need to ask Fourdee to be sure, but I guess the pre-installed image (?) is similar or the same that we offer for download:
So it is official DietPi, just with pre-installed audio software but based on the same kernel, base system, etc. AFAIK.

Can you verify DietPi version and such from the login banner?