NanoPi R2S Plus

It’s indeed weird: The kernel repo does contain device tree sources for a lot of NanoPi R2 revisions, but I cannot find any for R2S Plus in any branch either: kernel-rockchip/arch/arm64/boot/dts/rockchip at nanopi-r2-v6.1.y · friendlyarm/kernel-rockchip · GitHub

And there is no Linux 4.x branch for these.


Okay, I see that. I informed the FriendlyElec engineer about it, and after my complaint, they updated the kernel repository for the R2S Plus.

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how are you engaging with FriendlyElec ? i had posted on their forum about something last month and didn’t get any replies.


Sorry for my bad english ,I didn’t want to complain, but rather to inform.

And i engaging with FriendlyElec on a Github Issue.

Great, many thanks. So this is the device tree for Linux 6.1: kernel-rockchip/arch/arm64/boot/dts/rockchip/rk3328-nanopi-r2-rev24.dts at 11a45048d424cc9b1b3b6508e089ca4ba56a83ff · friendlyarm/kernel-rockchip · GitHub

So who needs to do what to push this a little bit further along?
Something with the Armbian build?

Feels like I’m not super helpful on this build, but perhaps I can learn all the steps for the next one.

Does the R2S image actually boot into the kernel, or does it fail at the bootloader already? I wonder whether we’d only need the R2S Plus device tree built with the kernel, or a new U-Boot build as well.

Why not convert the freiendly-debian to dietpi? I have done on one this morning, and seems all running okay.

Reference: Supported hardware - Docs

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