NanoPi NEO First start & Static IP

Hi there,

I purchased the NanoPi NEO and I would like to use it with the awesome DietPi-Distro.

Due to the non-existing hdmi- or vga-output, the NEO is only reachable by SSH. To achieve a SSH-Connection with a Staic IP-Address do I have to edit the /DietPI/dietpi.txt? And to I have to enable anything else?

What about the first boot-stuff (USB-Drive-Question and so on)? Will they also appear via SSH?

Thx for a short reply! And big thx for the awesome work with DietPi!!! :wink:


Hey mike,

But you can as well use default DHCP and scan your local network after booting up for new host or have a look in your DHCP server host list.

No, but itโ€™s possible to use DietPi-Automation.

Yes, if you donโ€™t use DietPi-Automation.

Booting up take a while. Indicate via led is a little crappy at the moment:

Thx k-plan for your reply. It works.