NanoPI Neo 3 Overclock

Is it possible to overclock it ? I’ve applied a fan and no I’m on ~35-39c and I’d like to extract a little more of this small beast.

As far as I know (and I can see in the script), overclocking with dietpi-config is only possible on the RPi SBCs.

But I found some hints here for overclocking the RK3328 (which is used by the NanoPi Neo 3). I don’t know to what extent this applies to the Neo 3, since the Rock64 is linked there.

Overclocking: With older releases of Armbian, Overclocking is done with the below commands

sed -i "s/MAX_SPEED=.*/MAX_SPEED=1510000/" /etc/default/cpufrequtils
service cpufrequtils restart

But on the latest version you can overclock with armbian-config.

But I also read that’s it somewhat risky, since the clock speed is also coupled to RAM and chipset clocks, so IDK what happens if you mess this up. You probably have to reflash, in the worst case you can fry your SBC I think.