moving to bigger drive


I’ve started with a 64GB PEN drive and all is running well. As I’m running Plex server the drve is getting fuller (videos are on NAS). And I want to be prepared in the event of filling up the drive.

What’s the best way to move ALL to a bigger drive under dietpi? I have found the following article but it uses “raspi-config” which is not there on dietpi.

Help much appreciated!

P.S. My other scenario is to use dietpi-backup (I have run it and backed up on 2nd pen drive). Start from scratch with dietpi install on bigger drive to a minimum boot and then use dietpi-backup to restore all. Does this work as expected?


many thanks for your message. usually it should work to create an image from your current drive and re-flash it to the new drive. Similar to what is described on following link on the install section

Thanks for the info. So I can resize the SD via drive-manager (make it use the bigger size of the new SD) then…

The note at the end "I fooled around trying to do a fresh install on the SSD and then use dietpi-backup to try to restore the backup made from my microSD onto my SSD but was unsuccessful. " was exactly my plan B.

Isn’t this supposed to work? Or does dietpi-backup only restore to the original drive to go back to a previous configuration?

dietpi-backup will restore everything, including information of the old drive. Easiest way is to go with creating an image and flash it to the new drive