Moving the dietpi_userdata question

I have a question that I haven’t found the exact answer to. Can I safely move the dietpi_userdata to an external drive that already has my nas data on it? The nas drive is NTFS and I don’t want to reformat it. Thank you.

If you mounted the NTFS drive via dietpi-drive_manager it should work, otherwise assure that you added the “permissions” option to the NTFS mounts fstab entry, to have it emulate UNIX permissions. Otherwise the script will abort with the error that UNIX permissions are required.

The userdata dir will be /mnt/sdXN/dietpi_userdata so should not collide with other data on this drive.

Thank you for the quick reply

Well, that worked however now I cannot connect to Medusa or NZBGet’s GUI over my network. Both web pages refuse to connect. If I move it back I have the option of two partitions on the SD, “/” and “/boot”. Which is the original location?

That should be easy to solve, what does the following report?

systemctl status medusa
systemctl status nzbget

The original location is “/”.

I ended up reinstalling Medusa and Nzbget to get everything working again. I was in a bit of a rush, we rely on them for all TV and the wife is home sick. LOL. Thank you though

Okay I’m glad that resolved the issue whatever the initial problem was.