Mouse not Working with Pi 400

Hi everyone,

Ive just run the install of DietPi on my Pi 400 (using the official USB mouse), whilst connected via ethernet for the updates and once rebooted, it loads up WinUEA as it should, but the mouse is not working. Any ideas? If it was any other mouse I would guess its not recognised and try another, but this is the official one, so id guess should work fine.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Have the same issue, I have tried several mice, wired and wireless, Amiberry bootup quickly but mouse is not recognized until Amiga boot an .adf file ( only Amiberry GUI does not recognize any mouse ).

Did you solve this issue?

I think it’s a bug with LibSDL2 v2.0.14:

Thanks for reminder, I’ll check that now and create a binary to test, based on LibSDL2 v2.0.15 to see if it got fixed in the meantime. Else we’ll need to downgrade to v2.0.12 :frowning:.

LibSDL 2.0.15 solve the issue…tnx

I forgot to update you: All Amyberry builds have been updated in the meantime.