Mounting Airport Extreme HDD

Hello guys,

Can anyone help me how to mount a HDD that is connected to a Airport Extreme and make it automount everytime the rPi reboots?

I’ve found several topics on the forum of Raspberry Pi but non of them works for me.
I’m not able to mount the harddrive and I don’t know what I am doing wrong.



Hi Asterion ,

don’t have any experience with Airport Extreme.

DietPi have two build-in option for automount a NAS via DietPi-Config
Both are located in: dietpi-config => 8. Network Options: NAS/Misc (v.116) or 6. Network Options (until v.115)
This will use:

  • Samba client utility allows you to quickly and easily connect to Windows Shares ( CIFS )

  • FTP Client to access NAS via FTP as filesystem mount

As well it is possible, to access a NAS via AFP (Apple Filing Protocol), SCP, NFS (Linux) but you have to install manual some package and edit config-files (e.g. /etc/fstab) by hand.

Which network file-sharing protocol do you want to use or will your Airport Extreme support?

Ok, I thought that samba couldn’t work with airport extreme.

I’ve installed Samba and configured it.
It’s works!
Was everything that simple :slight_smile:

I want to thank you for your time!

Hello there!

After a year at non active i tried to pick up dietpi again.

I’ve installed a fresh image (6.6) on a rPi 3.
I tried to configure my Airport Extreme at the same way as written above but samba doesn’t connect.

I’ve tried to use a general login account as well separate user accounts. None of them works.

Do I have to install the samba server as well?

Edit: I’ve got it working againg.

I was missing ‘sec=ntlm’ in /etc/fstab.
After i added it, i’ve mounted the drive manually with ‘mount -a’ and he mounted perfectly.

Edit 2: This seems to work for only a day.
Today dietpi wasn’t able to mount the external drive on the Airport Extreme.