motioneye + firefox problem

Any chance getting a motioneye update soon?
I have problems with firefox, which does not show the camera picture.

Update to 0.41 or 0.42 should fix it:


many thanks for your report. As far as I can see Motioneye is installed without naming a specific version, directly using pip command

pip install motioneye

I did a quick installation of Motioneye on my RPi and I got motioneye-0.42.1

Collecting motioneye
  Downloading motioneye-0.42.1.tar.gz (758 kB)
     |████████████████████████████████| 758 kB 1.3 MB/s

To upgrade your system, you can follow instructions on Motioneye GitHub

It worked. Remarkable!
Didn’t know about that - game changer!

Thanks a lot!

yes, software title who are not installed via apt packages would need to be maintained manually, following software provider update installations :wink: