Mosquitto issue

This is an interesting one which I thought I would bring to your attention though I realise you can’t support any software that anyone throws at you.

For some time now on many boards I have always installed Mosquitto with Websockets… and it has always worked without issue.

Two of us have now tried this with the same results - installing Mosquitto with Websockets on DietPi - it works just as normal… however it does not start automatically on power up.

Using Webmin you can see that the service is there. You can RESTART the service - and it starts - no problem, - but…it will not start up on it’s own on powerup.

We have a way around it - to take the “restart” part of the startup script - put it into /etc/rc.local - and it works perfectly but this is not ideal really.

Anyone have any thoughts as to why this might be?? ONLY in DietPi - works fine on a standard Raspberry Pi, or with a “standard” Armbian distribution.


Hi Pete,

How are you installing Mosquitto on the DietPi system?

Can you also please paste the contents of the mosquitto service (eg: /etc/init.d) ? I’ll take a look.