More a "Request" for information

I would like to inquire into your data/system, in regards to what data was used to create your Rating charts? Mainly interested because I noticed you rated the Odroid C2’s network as a full bar, while rating the Odroid XU4’s at roughly 1/3 bar? Not looking to discredit or anything just wondering if there’s reason behind this, being that both the C2 and the XU4 have Gigabit Ethernet, both have 2 Gb’s of RAM. One difference is of course the CPU the C2 4 cores @ 1.5Ghz and XU4 4 cores @ 2Ghz + 4 cores @ 1.4Ghz. Another difference being the C2’s usb 2.0 x4 and XU4’s usb 3.0 x2 and micro usb OTG x 1.

Thanks for the info

Network performance rating is based on actual throughput (MBit). 100% = 1000MBit

XU4 is roughly 300-400 MBit
C2 is 1GBit