Modifications and Updates


great work with your DietPi. Thx a lot for your time, efforts and know-how!!!

I have one question, that I couldn’t find in the forum yet.

I modified a few things in /DietpPi/ (as mentioned e.g. in the boot.ini). For example I changed the root-partition to the an external USB-Harddrive, so that only the boot-part is used of the microcard.
Or I changed some things in the cloudshell-config.

Will this changes be lost/gone, when I apply an update of the DietPi (currently I’m on version 88).

Thx a lot for an short answer.


Hi Mike,

Updating DietPi will not change your settings. DietPi-Update uses a “patch” system, rather than a “complete overwrite”.

Thx a lot Fourdee!

Great to hear.

Cheers Mike