Moar btrfs support in Drive_manager!


Anyone got experience with btrfs?

I’m setting up a nextcloud server on an odroid HC4 with an SSD for
& a btrfs data partition for dietpi
as well as a 3TB HDD with a big btrfs partition where I will setup a handful of sub-volumes.

I was thinking to use btrfs subvolumes & snapshots for a few things such as dietpi_userdata, maybe dietpi_backups, nextcloud_database, nextcloudpi etc. the nextcloud stuff I should be able to setup through ncp. Originally I was looking into using the btrfs partition on the SSD as a cache for the HDD but this turned out to be a bit too tricky for my btrfs skill lvl.

When I started setting up subvolumes I noticed some discrepancies between different parts of drive_manager:

If I go into the backup menu and select a location to store backups I can see the sub-volumes that I mounted manually using

btrfs subvolume create /mnt/mountpoint/dietpi_userdata

mount -o subvol=dietpi_userdata /dev/sda3 /mnt/mountpoint/dietpi_userdata

but they do not show up in the main dietpi-drive_manager window:

Choosing to move dietpi_userdata to the drive where I have the subvolume “dietpi_userdata” I’m offered to move it to the same drive as where I created the subvolume

Being kinda new to btrfs, I think this should be fine and workout ok - seeing as

# tree /mnt/S01E00/ -L 2
├── dietpi_backups
│   └── data
└── dietpi_userdata
    ├── Music
    ├── Pictures
    ├── Video
    └── downloads


# btrfs subvolume list /mnt/S01E00
ID 257 gen 17 top level 5 path dietpi_backups
ID 258 gen 17 top level 5 path dietpi_userdata

Seeing as drive_manager does see the subvolumes in some menus but not others would be nice to see some convergence. I know most ppl using SBCs probably won’t be using btrfs so it’s a low priority, but yeah, would be nice to maybe one day see some whiptail-y btrfs action c: