Missing packages in DietPi_RPi-ARMv8-Bookworm v8.12.1

So far, while installing my software on Bookworm v8.12.1, there are 2 packages that are missing.

libfftw3-3. Instead, I installed libfftw3-3’s dependencies: ibfftw3-single3 libfftw3-double3 libfftw3-bin libfftw3-dev, which may have taken care of it.

freeglut3. freeglut3-dev is present, but I can’t find anything like freeglut3 in the package list.

Thanks, Steve

Installing freeglut3-dev also installed libglut3.12 and libglut-dev.
Are these equivalent to the missing libfftw3-3?

DietPi don’t has an own apt package repository. We use the global Debian one. Did you checked there if the package is available?

Unfortunately, Debian no longer has freeglut3.
They only list the components of libfftw3-3.

As a systems developer, I though you would be concerned about packages going away.

As stated above, we use Debian as base for our images and we don’t provide/maintain own apt packages. Something we can’t influence if packages are not available anymore.

DietPi themselves is not an own OS. It’s a set of bash script on top of Debian, Armbian or Raspberry Pi OS.

Thanks for your reply.
DietPi seems to work better than even Raspberry Pi OS on the newer OSes.
Sorry you don’t have an input to Debian on the packages they carry.

we are a really small project and building/maintaining packages is simply not possible.

I agree that the duplication of effort is not necessary or practical.
My suggestion is that you request that debian keep these packages and any others that DietPi users request.
I have started to make suggestions through the debian system, but I decided it’s not worth the trouble.

For what software do you need this packages?
I also think if debian could keep this packages they would do it.
But for example the last update for libfftw was 2017. Nobody maintains this package and it is not our job to do this.

For freeglut btw they recommend using the dev package:

I realize that you do not maintain packages.
Don’t worry about this. I should be able to work out the details. I’m OK if you close this.
It sounds like fftw is going away. The software that uses it will have to change.
The software I have installed so far can use the sub packages, so we’re good there.
There are still some that i haven’t yet installed on bookworm.

This software, some compiled from source, use these packages or sub packages.

liquid-dsp uses fftw
sigutils requires fftw (oot)
Suscan requires fftw (oot)
CubicSDR uses fftw3 through liquid-dsp
wsjtx (existing package libfftw3-single3)

The related source packages and which binary packages are compiled from them on different Debian versions reveal details: Debian -- Details of source package freeglut in bookworm

When a binary package is called “Tranisitonal package”, then it has no content but pulls a new (superseding or renamed) package as dependency only. In this case libglut-dev pulls libglut-dev. So basically freeglut has been renamed to libglut. It shipped the libglut.so on Bullseye already, so the package renaming made it consistent in a way:

libfftw3-3 was only a dummy package before without any real content, so installing the dependencies will result in same functionality: Debian -- File list of package libfftw3-3/bullseye/amd64

You can check changelog, developer info and bug reports about why which change was done. If you do not agree with it, you might want to contribute to or open a related bug report to discuss with the package maintainer. In the above two cases, however, I do not see any issues. Everything should compile just fine with the packages provided on Bookworm.

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Thanks for clearing that up. Software installations were calling for the libfftw3-3 dummy package to install the complete suite.
I can work through this now that I know.