Missing CPU freq

Good day I don’t know what happened to my nanopi r1 but I noticed awhile ago that I am missing a specific freq on the PERFORMANCE OPTIONS > CPU frequency limits showing only as follows: :cry:

480 MHz
648 MHz
816 MHz
960 MHz
1008 MHz
Disabled : Returns clocks to default

I am pretty sure that there was a 13xx MHZ frequency when I installed dietpi about 2 months ago. I already tried reinstalling fresh dietpi but still I am missing that specific frequency. plus the nanopi r1 is spec’d at 1.2mhz max speed which doesn’t makes sense if the maximum that I can use is only 1000mhz. I have no problems with thermals for the past month with the cpu sitting at 43-45 at idle and 48-50 when using emby and other apps… Thanks for your help… :smiley:

Seems right.

Ow… I didnt notice that. My bad. But why is it in armbian i can set the frequency to 1386 mhz. I am totally confused right now… :thinking:

Maybe it is some light overclocking option?

I just found out that they had an update last month… I updated by dietpi few days ago maybe that was the reason… IDK… I hope next update they will add an option during the installation where we can choose older versions of the dietpi…

Nope, there will be no version that is selectable. DietPi will always update to latest available version. trendy already provided what is possible on your device and I guess that’s the same as DietPi is offering.