Matrix Synapse homeserver


I’m trying to make a Matrix homeserver on my raspberry pi with Synapse, I followed this guide:

I have configured my postgreSQL server and enable it in the homeserver.yaml but when I try to restart the Synapse service it give me “Error during initialisation:FATAL: role “synapse” does not exist”.

Someone know how to fix?

why not using dietpi-software? This would install everything automatically :wink:

Sorry for the omission, but actually I installed Synapse using dietpi-software.
The guide is only for the configuration part

There should be no configuration needed. I did some test last week’s and it was working ootb.

And what you get? I mean, you get ootb the postgreSQL server? Is there a guide for the package?
Sorry for the lot of questions but I’m pretty new to Diet-pi

Usually postgreSQL is a dependency and should be installed + configured together (automatically).

root@DietPi4:~# dietpi-software list | grep syna
ID 125 | =0 | Synapse: Matrix homeserver implementation | +Python 3 +PostgreSQL |

I will do a test later the day and share my install log.

Sorry for the lot of questions but I’m pretty new to Diet-pi

Could happen :smiley:

Ok so, I’ll definitely try it out and can you tell my ho to connect my element client to the server? Also can I install bridges (for example mautrix-whatsapp) with this installation?
I hope not to abuse of your kindness but you are really helping me

ok did the test and everything was configured automatically by our scripts.

This is the log (valid for 24h)

as you can see Python 3 + PostgreSQL are selected/instlled automatically.

 Step: Checking for prerequisite software

[ INFO ] DietPi-Software | Python 3 will be installed
[ INFO ] DietPi-Software | PostgreSQL will be installed

Last part of the script is to setup database

[  OK  ] DietPi-Software | sudo -u postgres psql -c CREATE ROLE synapse WITH LOGIN PASSWORD 'password';

and configure first user

[ INFO ] DietPi-Software | register_new_matrix_user -c homeserver.yaml, please wait...

The only thing I did in addition was to setup/configure my revers proxy to handle SSL/forwarding for Synapse.

Once done I could use the Element Messanger App on my mobile phone.

Thanks man, now is all clear!
Now I’ll try to connect bridges, and is good to know that there is a ready-to-deploy package like that.

Hi, together. I’m also new in the forum and I read the messages before.

On my Minisforum are also running Dietpi. I am using several servers and up to now I’m very happy with the system.

But, how can I install a reserve Proxy on lighttpd for Synapse?

Would be happy if somebody can help me

Unfortunately lighttpd is not the best web server to run as revers proxy. You could try to adjust one of the existing configuration example to work on a lighttpd web server.

Sorry newbe here I tried to install the synapse server, but it failed right after I entered my domain name. I uploaded the report. Could you help?

We don’t know the ID of your report. As well, access to these data are strictly limited. Therefore it would be great to share your error message directly with us. Otherwise nobody will be able to assist.

Thanks I understand. Running through the setup again today everything seems fine.