Many php-fpm process causing high CPU load


I updated to nextcloud 25 recently (pi3b+) and since then I noticed at least 5, sometimes up to 9 concurrent running php-fpm processes (user www-data)

Is this expected?

I am not sure what they do as I am not even connecting to nextcloud. So it should just be idle or?

For now this seems like a bug.

How do I investigate this further?


How high is “high CPU load” and for how long does it last?
On my 3b+ it runs also 5+ php processes and if I recall correctly it was also about this much processes on previous versions.
On idle they are all about 1% or below. When accessing the service (web gui) I get spikes up to 50% CPU load per process.

I could imagine, if you have a large set of saved files and your upgrade was done recently, that the nextcloud is doing some scanning or some other stuff with the database, which could lead to this load.

For investigation you can log into the web panel as admin, go to settings/admin/logging, klick the 3 dots next to Level and activate Fatal, Error and Warning. On the same page future log messages should be displayed.

Load is between 20 and 50% per process, constantly.

My Pi is not going into idle and this is the concerning part.

It has been like that for a couple of days now. I have around 50GB of data, mainly photos and videos and some other documents.

I changed the log setting but no errors appear so far.

The only warning was about the log file being moved as it was about 100mb.

how does it behave if you are going to stop the web server?

Via dietpi-services stop?

That would be an option. What web server you are running?

As it stands, there were plenty of failed uploads in the nextcloud android app showing up.

After cleaning that list within the app, all went to normal.