Manual OpenMediaVault install

Hi everyone. If OMV has issues running on pi with DietPi, do you all have another solution? I am using Pi for a Plex server and want to be able to add media to the hard drives without unplugging the hard drives from pi manually, plugging them into PC, adding media, then plugging back into Pi.


well you can setup SAMBA server on your RPi and copy the media files over network.

Maybe use NextcloudPi?

OMV is an entirely different “flavor” of distro…it is in fact a full bore scripted NAS server distro…completely different from DietPi

If you run OMV installer on Dietpi it will literally overwrite almost all the scripting and convert it to something different, even if it completes the install (this is why on both OMV and Dietpi it’s always best to start with a minimal image to build off of, not a full bore distro and re-convert it to something else)

With that said…I agree with Joulinar, a working SAMBA server pointed to the right directories w/ the right permissions will work perfectly fine and will be the easiest way to upload media to your server

If not you can use WinSCP and/or Filezilla to upload to your PLEX server thru SSH/SFTP but sometimes it has ownership issues (which would require a bit of command line correction as in the chown command)

P.S. In OMV extras, you can install PLEX and many other packages inside the OMV OS…

DietPi, you would have to manually build them, or start messing with docker installs (which is actually easier than you might think…however there is a bit of a learning curve, but portainer helps)

There is a full bore NAS distro called UNRaid that the community builds all it’s “expansion apps” as dockers or plugins…but it costs money and is finicky on hardware (I don’t think it even supports ARM)

Correct, for uploading files it’s way to much overhead to run OMV or Nextcloud. SCP is the easiest way and just require a single package to be installed without any configuration