If you want a quote for your front page - how about this - you’re welcome… “DietPi for VirtualBox is the nearest thing to owning a Pi I’ve ever seen”.

And when I say Pi I mean generic Pi - after failing MISERABLY with a generic Debian on VirtualBox, my friend Jonathan suggested I try DietPi for VirtualBox - not only did it run “out of the box” as it were, it runs my kitchen sink script absolutely flawlessly. That is, Node-Red, Mosquitto, Sqlite, PHPLiteAdmin, Webmin, a basic web page, all of my favourite nodes and much more - without a hitch. Now I can be a LOT more experimental without fear of having to backup and restore SDs - marvelous. All you need to start your own home control setup - in minutes. Add in a few ESP8266 modules…

Here are the details.

Hi Peter,

I grabbed the image from the DIETPI website, loaded it in, created a PI user (I’ve a short script for that, too) and loaded up my script. NOT A SINGLE ERROR – it’s not even this clean on a proper PI !!!

Great to hear our VM images are doing some #lightweightjustice :slight_smile: Nice article, great read!

As mentioned here (under PS), we have Node-red and Mosquitto comming to dietpi-software in v140. Should make for a quick and easy install: