Hi there,

Reinstall everything after problems, and now gave me this:

root@RpiVentura:~# dietpi-letsencrypt

Error: Lets encrypt scripts not installed ( /etc/letsencrypt_scripts ).
Please install LetsEncrypt with DietPi-Software before running this program.

letsencrypt_scripts, don’t exist on /etc folder…


What is your current webserver preference selection in dietpi-software? (eg: lighttpd)

LetsEncrypt in DietPi is only supported with Apache2 webserver at the moment:

also with Apache2 is the same error

what to do?

yes same problem.

apache2 installed and select as webserver preference, but game error when trying installing letsencrypt…

Looks like LetsEncrypt has changed its name to CertBot. Hence the git download has been moved.

I’ve created a ticket to resolve this, you can track it here: LetsEncrypt fails to install · Issue #348 · MichaIng/DietPi · GitHub

edit: Looks like GitHub is down, lol. going to be “one of those days” :frowning:

thanks men!