Letsencrypt problem renewing cert...

Hi I have an Odroid Xu4 small NAS with Dietpi in its last version.

I recently had rpoblems renewing the certificates which were expired.

Checking the logs, I realized my Odroid it was trying to renew the certificate using nginx which I had uninstalled and shifted to lighttpd…

…so I installed nginx, renewed the certificate but Owncloud stoped working.

My problem was solved uninstalling again nginx.

The question:

Is there any way to renew the Letsencrypt certificate using lighttpd instead of nginx?

Thanks in advance.

usually Certbot should detect the the browser used and it is working with all available browser stack.

Can you share the full error log pls

Nope, Certbot stores the renewal info/arguments on first usage and then continues to use them, so it now tries to use the Nginx authentication plugin, which does not work with Lighttpd of course. Please switch to webroot authentication method:

certbot renew --webroot -w /var/www --force-renewal

thx for clarification MichaIng