Lemaker R1 / BananaPi Router supported?

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I’m using currently Bananian on my BananaPi R1, because it fully supports the special BCM53125-switchchip - which is the main difference to the Pro.

So my question: is the “swconfig” tool in this release included, or (if not) can it be added?

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My background:

  • got an fully featured R1-package via Reichelt, and it is working great, only the temp’s should be better …
  • on the R1 is already a SATA-SSD (128GB SanDisk) attached, 8GB microSD for Booting
  • trying to get it run as a “LAN-controller” so far, but the way with Bananian is long and hard - since i’m not so familar with NGINX (i prefer Apache) some steps are very weired
  • especially the option of running PiHole under Apache interests me on DietPi … besides the other cool features (easy config :wink:)
  • needed applications are: PXE environment (TFTP), PiHole, DHCP-Server, Webservice (MediaWiki instance and 1-2 other easy pages), may be a CloneZilla-Server and some other LAN related stuff (more 2 come)

Links for reference:

  • BananaPi Overview (Wikipedia): ENG / GER
  • Bananian

Hi there,

no answer since 1 month … :frowning: ?

If anything was unclear, pls let me know …

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no answer since 1 month … > :frowning: > ?

Lemaker R1 / BananaPi Router supported?

I have no plans to support these boards.

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thanks for your answer …


Pity, because we’re really close…

The BananaPI_pro image gets us everything (including sound and wifi) except the SATA port. If I could figure out how to add that, we’d be golden!


Looks like the device should be pretty well supported?


or you switch better to the BPi-R2 …

BG Sc0rp