Latest vanilla installation will not boot after apt-get update

Hi all,
I downloaded the latest available image for rpi.
I configured only the static IP and when I run “install software” without selecting anything in addition, the pi runs an apt-get update.

After the reboot the system is not coming back at all.
Black image on the screen, both leds are on (not flashing) on rpi3. SD card (8GB) is okay, I checked it.
No error message before the reboot on the screen.

Any idea how to debug this?

Thanks and regards


if you don’t see anything on screen and not able to login, it will be hard to debug as we have no chance to get any error message out of the systems.

probably you can have a look to this post on raspberrypi forum. Maybe you could try using a different SD Card and/or trying Raspbian lite to check if all works fine.