LAMP stack not in software optimized list

Hi, I’ve recently installed DietPi on my raspberry pi 3. There is only a problem: in the list of optimized software there isn’t LAMP stack, only LASP and LAAP.
I made a screenshot of the list:
how can I install LAMP web server?

MySQL was removed from the software list in v6, in favor of MariaDB.

If you must, you can use apt-get install mysql-server to install it without dietpi-software (but you should really make the jump to MariaDB)

Ok thankyou

Jep, actually on Debian/Raspbian Stretch you can’t install MySQL from default APT repo. The mysql-server package there is just a dummy, that finally still installs MariaDB. Follow the dependencies :wink::

Thus it is quite confusing, if we offer a LAMP stack, but actually it is still LAAP, so we decided to drop it completely. In the end MariaDB looks like the faster developing, fully open source, and better performing (according so most benchmarks) version, still being fully compatible to all commands you know from MySQL and all software that are dependent on MySQL.

Just go through with this post and read complete information from this post.