I am finding that if i leave Kodi running over night doing nothing by the morning its useless and i need to reboot the whole machine, is the current build considered stable?

Hi Chris,

This shouldn’t be occurring, may be related to overclocking, unstable PSU and corrupt SD card. Which device and DietPi image are you currently running?

I am running an oDroid XU4 in a cloudshell and running the latest image i believe

ALso i notice there is no way for me to get 5.1 digital out of the Kodi, is this due to the hacked on audio that seems to show as analog only? I noticed the same thing with the oDroid linux image

Hi Chris,

As this is occuring on the Odroid images aswell, It looks that way, however i’ve never personally tried anything other than stereo.
Just to be sure, it might be worth checking the Odroid XU4 forums to see if anyone else has been able to get 5.1/7.1 working.

I am still having this issue with Kodi becoming slow to use when up for a while and noticed after that starts occurring it will no longer reboot or shutdown just hangs when requested. I would love any input anyone can give me.

Hi Chris,

Are you running Kodi from a desktop or terminal? I’ve personally noticed Kodi performance drops slightly when launched from a desktop.

I have it auto-launched as configured by dietpi-config, i have no use for xorg really, i use the terminal for everything and only Kodi is on my TV, thanks for trying to help just a shame i have to reboot it in the morning because apart from libcec not working and crashing my amp over night and Kodi getting the lag it runs fine for everything else. I really don’t know what is going on with libcec but on android CEC is working fine on the same hardware so there is clearly an issue with libcec or how Kodi is interacting with it.

how to edit auto-launched ?


For a list of all DietPi programs:


5.1 HDMI passthrough does not seem to work on the XU4 - I have researched this in the Odroid forums. All I can get with acceptable quality (putting the sound through an Onkyo receiver) is stereo. I have tried it with Kodi on Dietpi, Odrobian and Android - same result. I have read it does work on the C2 with Libreelec so I have ordered one. In the meantime my Pi2 and Pi3 are better for kodi but the C2 promises to be betters till.