Kodi Stuttering

Hi everybody, i’ve a problem with Kodi as i said in the title.
I’m on Odroid C2 and Kodi 17.6, i’ve set the resolution to 1080p 60fps the HDMI cable is 2.0, but when i watch a movie it’s all stuttering and lagging.

In the settings the sync is turned off and the render is set to Off as well.

What should i do ?

Thanks for the report, we’ll open a ticket to investigate.

Roughly what type of videos are you using (eg: 1080p, 24fps standard movie)?
Where are the videos stored (eg: on the SD card, EMMC, network share etc)?

I’ve tried different resolution
1080p 60fps/50 and 24 (currently on)
But even in 720p 60fps thevideo have this issue, the video files are stored in a NAS, HDD Western Digital RED (x2)