Kodi does not respond to inputs

I’ve connected my RaspberryPi to my TV via HDMI wire, and configured DietPi to autostart Kodi but it doesn’t respond to any command, via remote control neither if I plug a keyboard directly into the USB port.

The board behaves normally if I type when on the console.

I use a Raspberry Pi Model B Plus Rev 1.2

Any clue?
Thanks in advance


The issue seems related to the user privileges of whom runs the applications. No problems when I use root, otherwise no response when using the “diepi” user (uid:1000, gid:1000).

But, well, I suppose it’s unnecessary to say that I’d prefer not to run common user applications as root.

Any clue?

Thanks in advance.


currently auto-start applications require user root otherwise you could have applications failing. This is already know and might change in a later release.

Well, in this case the config dialog should not query the op about the profile user he wants to use.

As I said, this is known and will be fixed in a later release.