Kodi crashes after being unused for a while

Hello everyone,

I’ve browsed the forum but couldn’t find any similar issue reported here.

Here’s my problem : I have a simple setup on my Raspberry Pi 3 for an HTPC, Kodi starts at launch. It all works well, except when I leave the system for some time, when I get back to it, I have no graphical interface at all. It seems Kodi still runs in the background (I’ve checked using an SSH connection), but I can’t get it back to work. I’ve tried to kill all the processes and restart Kodi, without any success. The only thing that works is to shutdown the system and restart. I’ve also checked the energy settings in Kodi and disabled the screensaver, but it didn’t change anything.

Do you have any clue as to what settings I could check (I have pretty basic skills in Linux, my best skill being I can look on Google for simple commands to run)?

Thank you for your help!

Powersave might be an issue.

might try disabling?


Also…this thread in another forum might help