KERNELERR: 'c when using cpu command

Currently running the Native PC for BIOS/CSM version of dietpi.

When ever I run the cpu command to check temps, I get the following:

Architecture | x86_64
Temp | KERNELERR: 'c
Governor | ondemand
Throttle up | 50% CPU usage

I should mention I have not modified anything in terms of performance settings (primarily because when I go to the section from dietpi-launcher, it displays info pertaining to a raspberrypi… at least it looked like that at first glance.)

I haven’t really found any other thread mentioning this on the version of dietpi I am running. Does any one know how to fix this?


are you running as sudo?

$ sudo cpu

I log in as root so sudo should not be needed to run the cpu command.

I can try it anyway though

Just got home and tried sudo anyway, same thing.