Kernel package


I am using a rpi4 with buster. I am using a 4dsystems LCD screen:

The manufacturer has a custom kernel that must be applied. Does anyone know if this would work with DietPi?

The process is:

  1. Install RPI Buster Lite or Full
  2. Download and apply custom Kernel patch.


DietPi is not creating any own kernel. In case of Raspberry Pi, we use Raspberry OS and the original RPi kernel. Therefore it might gonna work.

Thank you. It appears the kernel version of the latest dietpi image is 5.10.17-v71

The latest kernel patch available from 4dsystems is 5.4.68.

I ran into an issue on the OEM rpi image full and lite that if the kernel was newer than the kernel patch version it would not work.

So i think that issue is in play here as well. It installs without error, but will not boot.

There is no relationship between DietPi and kernel version. Latest Raspberry OS kernel will be used, always. Probably you would need to downgrade your kernel to an appropriate version using rpi-update.

It could look like this.

sudo rpi-update fab7796df0cf29f9563b507a59ce5b17d93e0390

Just the hex code would need to be replaced with correct version.

Thank you ! I did not know that was possible. I will try.

You’ll also need to prevent APT from upgrading the kernel again on next release. Let me know if it worked with 4dsystems, then I’ll show you how. Btw, as rpi-upgrade is not pre-installed:

apt install rpi-upgrade