Kernel headers?


I installed DietPi_v140_NanoPiNEO-armv7-(Jessie).img on my Nanopi Neo and it works quite well. Now I want to write a kernel module to support a keypad which is connected to some gpio pins (access via /sys/class/gpio/ is already working). But for building kernel modules I miss the headers for kernel 4.9.0-sun8i.

I would expect that package linux-headers-dev-sun8i would provide the headers but it contains only something for kernel 4.8.3-sun8i.
For kernel 4.9.0-sun8i there seems to be no fitting package.

Thanks for your suggestions!


Yep, thats the puppy.
Those packages are maintained by ARMbian in their repo. You’d need to post this question to ARMbian and see if they can get it updated to 4.9.