Just wanted to say thank you for including the kernel headers!

Like many i was disapointed to see my awus036ach being listed under lsusb but not recognized as an adapter. The fix was to download and compile https://github.com/aircrack-ng/rtl8812au - something that many struggle with on many ‘underground’ distros as often headers are not included and need to be fetched from rpi-source (with varying degrees of success as you can imagine).

In this case however, as soon as i wrapped my head around the needed symlink (ln -s /usr/src/linux-headers-4.4.38-v7+/arch/arm/ /usr/src/linux-headers-4.4.38-v7+/arch/armv7l for those the curious), install went like a letter in the post and I’m happily kismetting with my cardboard-build, antenna-happy sbc.

Very pleased! Thank you!

If and how the header are included and available indeed depend on the device. Which one did you use? E.g. on RPi and Odroids they can be simply installed via APT package (so rpi-source is obsolete when using the official kernel release) which place the symlinks automatically. On other devices those are available with the image already and sometimes not :wink:.