Jellyfin library scan performance greatly improved with v7.9

Hey thank you guys so much for the 7.9 update.

Since Bullseye, some media software titles, most importantly FFmpeg and those which make use of FFmpeg libraries compiled for Raspberry Pi firmware (Kodi, Jellyfin, Chromium), utilise the Raspberry Pi V4L2 codec drivers. Those were previously enabled/disabled with the RPi camera module switch in dietpi-config. The hardware codec drivers have now become an own CLI command and menu switch in the dietpi-config display options and are enabled automatically when one of the mentioned software titles is installed or reinstalled on Bullseye (or above).

This part improves Jellyfin library scans by a lot! I didn’t realize that this codec was something needed to be enabled so I’m glad. I currently use a Raspberry Pi 4 4gb

thx for sharing.