Iso file for X86 systems ?

i tried dietpi on vmware yesterday

it works great and of course much faster than on a raspberry

is it possible to offer an iso file to install dietpi on a real x86 pc or run from an usb stick ?

Hi perlian,

Not at the moment unfortunately. Although a good idea, DietPi isn’t really designed to run on physical PC’s, unless its self contained in a VM.

The only thing I can suggest is install VMware ESX/vSphere (What is a vSphere Hypervisor? | Free Hypervisor | VMware | UK) on your Pc/server. This will turn you server into a “VMware dedicated player”.
You can then run the DietPi VMware on the system, and, as many as you like. Performance should be very close to a physical install.

thats a good idea generally…

but unfortunately my server has not enough ram to do funny things like running virtual instances (2GB)

I thought the step from a virtual pc to a real pc should be not a big problem

Because both need to be installed first time

The problem is that the hardware is not consistent. There are an innumerable combinations of hardware to support. In a VM container, you’re dealing with a specific and consistent set of hardware which is provided by an abstraction layer.

Really rather clever, but I don’t think 2gb is particularly low on RAM - you can run a number of low-resource Linux distros in that. I don’t know if anyone has a KVM on any of those, but I’m willing to bet there is one somewhere.

Also works on VirtualBox but the best way to utilize DietPi x86 is while using it inside a vm in a Proxmox node :ok_hand::muscle:

Do you mean to install it like described in the tab “Native PC” there: How to install DietPi - Docs

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