Is there a way to see which packages are installed together?

I used owncloud for a while, and switched to nextcloud yesterday. Now that migration is done, I’d like to uninstall owncloud and the related installed things. I uninstalled owncloud via dietpi-software, and now the following packages are still installed (I only run pihole and nextcloud with Fail2Ban for now):

17 Git Client
73 Fail2Ban
84 Lighttpd
87 SQLite
88 MariaDB
89 PHP
91 Redits
92 Certbot
93 Pi-Hole
103 DietPi-RAMlog
104 Dropbear
114 Nextcloud
130 Python3

I’m not sure which software I can uninstall from these without screwing up my system, and I didn’t find any mention of additional packages installed when installing owncloud. I’m pretty sure I need LLSP xor LLMP, but I don’t know which, and I don’t know how to find out. Also, I don’t know if I need three different database programs (Redis, SQLite, and MariaDB).
Can someone help me? :slight_smile:

This all us fine.

Redis is used by Nextcloud
MariaDB is used by Nextcloud
SQLite is used by Pihole

I see, thank you! What about LLSP and LLMP? :slight_smile:

These are the web server stacks. One for SQLite and the other for MariaDB.

[*] 81   LLSP: Lighttpd | SQLite  | PHP
[ ] 82   LLMP: Lighttpd | MariaDB | PHP