Is there a way to get dietpi-dashboard displayed as iFrame?

edit: hang on, I’m gonna try Homer. Somehow I missed it from dietpi-software which I always prefer. Reporting here how it goes.

apparently there is discussion to implement something to dietpi-dashboard which would fully fill my requirements. I guess I posted kinda hastily. Spring board for known (+ custom) web applications · Issue #169 · ravenclaw900/DietPi-Dashboard · GitHub

I have Homarr installed and they’ve added support for adding a iFrame widget. I tried it with monitorix, and the page was visible in the iFrame widget in my Homarr instance. However, I decided that dietpi-dashboard would serve my purposes better. Unfortunately it seems dietpi-dashbard can’t be displayed with iFrame. It says :

Do you think it would be possible to make it work? I don’t really have any knowledge about iFrames so I don’t really know where to look for.

(edit: I tried disabling authentication from dietpi-dashboard but that didn’t have any effect)

Anyway, thank you for such an amazing piece of software! <3

let’s ping the developer of our dashboard @ravenclaw900

One thing you could try is just using the IP address of the device the dashboard is running on instead of pi.hole, though I don’t think this would make much difference. Can you post a screenshot of the browser console, specifically any errors, so we can see why it isn’t connecting?

Yeah changing it to IP address didn’t have any effect. But browser console had this:

The loading of “http://pi.hole:5252/” in a frame is denied by “X-Frame-Options“ directive set to “sameorigin“.

That probably means something?

Right, we actually set that so that possible clickjacking attacks are prevented. There appears to be a way to set it to only allow iframes on certain websites, so that could be set in the future.


Ok thanks for the response. Personally I’d rather wait for the “links page” in dietpi-dashboard, I think it’d be much more preferable solution for me personally. (by the way, any update on that? I noticed it was in the roadmap)

Optimistically, the links page will be present on v0.8.0. v0.7.0 should be released soon™, but it will mostly contain bug fixes and general improvements.