Is it possible to use php7.4 / php8?

Hello DietPi Community

i have a question that i am not sure is a stupid one or not. And i’m not a native english speaker, so please forgive any mistakes i make.
First i would like to tell you why i use DietPi. I chose DietPi to run on my RockPi Board to have a solid and easy-to-maintain private Cloud-Server running Nextcloud, XMPP and Wordpress. It is running very, very well. Thank you so much. Tanks to DietPi i now have a much better understanding of how Linux works, too.
A few days ago Nextcloud proposed updating to v23; It also told me with the upgrade NC will need at least php7.4 and won’t work with 7.3 anymore. I know that atm DietPi runs with php7.3; So now i am wondering, if the Pi will run with php8 also or if the php version is hardcoded? Can i just install php7.4 or, even better, php8 or can i use both php versions side by side?

Thanks for any help

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Basically the PHP version is depending on the Debian version used. In your case it looks like Buster. Can you check?


To go to PHP7.4, you could/need to upgrade to Debian Bullseye. For this, just have a look into our upgrade guide

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Thanks very much :slight_smile:
You’re right, i’m running buster. If i need bullseye i have to check with someone else first, there is a script that doesn’t like bullseye but is needed by the server… so, thank you very much for now. If i know more about the script i am going to follow the upgrade tutorial you mentioned.
Have a nice day :slight_smile: