Is it possible to update sqlite version?


I have Home Assistant installed and in the logs I can see this warning:

2021-12-21 09:33:19 WARNING (Recorder) [homeassistant.components.recorder.util] Version 3.27.2 of SQLite is not supported; minimum supported version is 3.31.0. Starting with Home Assistant 2022.2 this will prevent the recorder from starting. Please upgrade your database software before then

Is it possible to update it with a reinstall command like other software?

Now is not a problem, but in early of 2022 it will be.

Thank you as always.

I guess you are still running Debian Buster and you might need to update to Debian Bullseye. Can you check following echo $G_DISTRO_NAME $G_RASPBIAN

Yes I am on Buster, but for Odroid HC4 there is no Bulleye yet…

There is no way of updating SQlite without updating Debian version?

Edit: I have checked right now, and is there already a Bulleye version for HC4! Anyway, is there a solution at the moment without updating?

sqlite3 package is installed from debian repository. As you can see, latest version available on Buster is 3.27.2-3.

And this is not gonna change as Buster is oldstable now.

If you like to upgrade to Bullseye, you could have a look to our blog post. Make sure creating a backup before. Best is to clone your SD card.

Thank you Joulinar, I will start thinking in the update.