["IPFire" functions so as to say]

Hi, friends.

This is my first post, I’ve just bought a Rpi B 512 mb, and installed DietPI, I think it’s the best OS I can install on it. I have some experience on working with x86 Ubuntu, but not much in ARM arquitecture, or using Linux as a server.

I’d like to have the functions that Gargoyle routers firmware seems to have, and I think IPFire does nearly the same.

My idea is installing a second Ethernet, via USB, and put it between the ADSL modem and WIFI router at home.

I want to say that I need to have a proxy/firewall/gateway/… doing things like:

  • Assigning the same IPs for the same clients, depending on their MACs;
  • Having blacklists and forbidden websites, user dependent (my sons not, but my wife yes, for example);
  • Set quotas (MB per day) for different users;
  • Set connection times, for example, my son’s iPhone only can be connected by the afternoons from 17 to 19 pm;
  • Monitor bandwidth and having logs of accessed sites;

This is because i want to know and control when and where (websites they go or they can’t go) and from where (iPad, PC, smartphone) my sons are connecting to when they surf the Internet. I think 24-hours-wifi and open access to the Internet is not good for their studies, as I’m seeing lately.

Is it possible to have this on DietPI? Any idea to have this working? Or is the best I can do installing IPFire on my RPI and forgetting DietPI?

Which USB Ethernet do I have to buy (as the second ethernet connection) to have it working on RPI? Some specific model?

Maybe you can recommend me some tutorial, webpage or book where being able to learn these concepts and how to have it working,

Thank you very much for your help and your attention,

Hi Skyfly555,

Unless there is a way to install IPfire ontop of another distro, It sounds like your requirments would be better met with the IPfire image.

There may be other installable software that may meet your needs, however, I have no experience with this kind of software, so i’am probably not the best person to provide you with advice. Maybe someone else can offer you some assistance :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for your response, I’ll install and work with IPFire, then.