Installing websever lighttpd, tutorial, text-editor on raspberry

Hello guys,
finally, I have to do a reinstall of my dietpi. I will do a complet new setup. And I will try to do a better job than the previous one.

So I have some stupid question:

I will install MariaDB, phpMyAdmin and a needed webhost like lighttpd, which is needed for phpmyAdmin. I will also host a small webpage for my own personal use at home. MariaDB I need later for FHEM.

  • Are these three programs a good choice or should I install another webhost?

  • In which succession should I install theses three programs? First lighttpd?

  • Is there a easy tutorial about lighttpd? I know there is the homepage, but its difficult to understand everything, because I am a noob with this kind of stuff. Something where to put my html-code.index page, or to change the folders of lighttpd. How does it work with the phpmydamin page and my own next to it… such stuff.

  • How do you manage your webpage on the raspberry? Copy the code to the raspberry each time if you have changed something? Or do you write code on the rasperry with some kind of text editor? What is the best way to do it? I tried Wordpress, but I didnt like it. It was to big a program for me. I prefer to do it myself and learn something… At present I use Sublime Text.

Thank you.
Kind regards.


the selected software options are fine and all of them could be installed together. Simply select phpMyAdmin and +MariaDB +PHP +webserver will be installed in addition automatically.

By default, web server root directory will be /var/www and this can be used as base directory for your web site.

To access and maintain your web site, you can simply install OpenSSH Client - ID 0 on your DietPi device. This will allow you to access your data using SCP protocol. On Windows (not sure on MacOS), you can install WinSCP & Notepad++ and set Notepad++ as editor in WinSCP.Now, using WinSCP you could access your web site files and via double click you simply could edit your files.

thank you for the information.
Kind regards.