Installation to nonroot user

If I start dietpi-software as a nonroot user, I would love it if that user was used for installation and not root. It is pretty easy to change the ownership of the hard drive but not changing all of the config and installation directories

Hi deadtechnology,

DietPi is designed to use root for all installations. This simplifies everything for the end user, their installation and reduces potential issues with file system permissions / groups etc.

The only exceptions to root are apache2, nginx and /var/www which use the typical www-data user for security reasons.

For the mean time, if you require specific programs to run as other users, you will need to modify the config files, service (where used) and filesystem permissions.
If you are unsure what needs to be modified, please let me know the software your trying to change the user for, and, your current hardware/distro (eg: RPi-Jessie). I should then be able to assist you.